I've made music all my life. I started playing music at the age of eleven with my first cheap acoustic guitar and the use of a reel to reel tape recorder to capture those early experiments in sound in my home town of Stockport. 
I am a multi-instrumentalist with guitar being the main instrument. I've collaborated with many other musicians over the years and played with the Leeds band Spiderfish until 2007. 
The EP 'Night Light' was recorded during 2020-21 and 'Nobody To Blame' has twelve tracks from an original master tape from 1994. 
'Lost & Found was released in December 2021 and 'Eleven' was released in December 2022.
Please see my Bandcamp page for more information and the lyrics to all the songs. Some of the music can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, YouTube and all other good streaming sites.
All music written, recorded and performed by John Joseph Dolan
©John Joseph Dolan 
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