In the 1960's my dad recorded family events and general family life on a reel to reel tape recorder; great aunts, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, parents and siblings all make an appearance. 
Having digitised over three hours of material I'm now putting some of the dialogue into new instrumental music.
It's an ongoing project which I started in 2020.

An introduction by the five year old me  ... ending with mum and dad | 1963/4

'Beatles Wigs' Read by Mum (Margaret Dolan) | 1963/4

Boxing Day 1963 | Grandpa Dolan | Cousins | Me AgeD Five having the last word!

boxing day 1963 | Time for a drink

Great Aunt Winnie & Uncle Harold | 1964

Dad (John A Dolan) | nana Dolan | cousins | Aunt Irene |1965

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